Medicinal properties of vegetable oil extracts used in traditional Iranian medicine

Vegetable oils, also known as oil extracts, are traditional herbal medicines used to treat several ailments. Beneficial effects are achieved through the combination of nutrients, antioxidants and biologicals derived from plants using gentle non-destructive oil extraction techniques. Therefore, all the knowledge about the therapeutic effects of vegetable oil, through centuries of trial and error, applies only to oil extracts, until otherwise proven. In this study, we collect data collected by young medical students from different parts of Iran, especially the northwest, central and northern provinces. Vegetable oil extract used in traditional Iranian herbal medicines. Thirty-three species that are used as oil is an extract that is known in this study as a traditional Iranian herbal medicine. According to the data collected in our study, 33% of vegetable oils were used for rheumatoid arthritis and joint diseases, arthroalgia as anti-inflammatory. 22% of them have been used as analgesics and for sciatica or muscle aches. 16% has been traditionally used for hair loss and 1% for nourishing hair roots. Ten percent is also used as a neurotonic for neurological conditions. Five percent vegetable oils used in skin care, moisturizing and skin care. The remaining symptoms are 5% for internal diseases and 4% for different uses and other cases including gastrointestinal tract and so on.